Welcome to the new home of the Western Star Roadside Assistance program powered by FleetNet.

About Us

Deliver Better Customer Service by Minimizing Downtime with our Roadside Assistance.

Our roadside assistance focuses on getting your vehicles back on the road faster than anyone else. Our processes make sure each event is handled efficiently and the appropriate personnel are involved to create control out of a naturally chaotic situation. We also provide useful data to help your maintenance team easily identify issues that need to be addressed with your fleet and make even better maintenance decisions to reduce costs. Contact us today and keep your fleet moving.

  • Downtime
    Hours Downtime Yesterday*
    *Represents time an asset is out of service as measured from the initial creation with FleetNet until the unit is back on the road.
  • Cost Reduction
    Cost Reduction
    We help you reduce your maintenance events by providing key data to help you make more informed maintenance decisions.

Whether it's a breakdown on the side of the road or on your yard, we understand that out-of-service equipment can be bad for your business. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When you call, we answer ready to help. A mechanically experienced coordinator assesses the issues and submits an initial diagnosis to the dealer/service provider. We relay your specific instructions and protocol to the dealer/service provider and aggressively follow up throughout the process to ensure a sense of urgency. We send real-time updates to keep you informed of the event status, which you can review online, on our mobile app, through email or text.

If you have specific units or types of events which you need additional notifications, we can handle it. Our system is equipped to alert our coordinators and/or send email notifications to your personnel based on your needs.

To submit a breakdown directly from your phone, download the FleetNet Mobile App Today

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