Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside breakdowns cause missed deliveries, customer complaints and lost revenue.

Turn the chaos into order with Western Star's Roadside Assistance. Keeping your fleet on the road is our priority.

Your Roadside Emergency is Important to Us

With Roadside Assistance, you can rest assured your commercial fleet breakdown needs are handled professionally and efficiently. The result is more on-time deliveries and better customer service. Here's how we help:

You're a Priority
You're a Priority

Because we handle more roadside events than any other company and treat the service providers including independent contractors, OEMs and dealers handling your breakdown fairly, there’s urgency when a Western Star customer has an emergency breakdown.

We diagnose your event

When you call, an experienced mechanic reviews the details of the event, assesses the situation and dispatches the appropriate service provider to the breakdown location.

We Diagnose your Event
A customized profile to meet your unique needs

If you have specific instructions or protocols, just let us know. We make these electronic instructions visible to every person handling your event — keeping you in control of your fleet.

Your roadside emergency is handled with the urgency it deserves

We continuously follow up with the service provider to ensure commitments are met in a timely manner - until your event is resolved.

Constant Communication

You get real-time updates every step of the way. Stay informed of your roadside emergency status with instant updates via text messages, mobile app, emails and secure web logins.

Cost Reduction

Accurate Invoicing to Make Your Job Easier

Every invoice we receive from a service provider is fully audited to ensure charges are accurate and appropriate for the repairs made. Here's what you can expect:

  • Our billing department thoroughly reviews all invoices and enters the detailed information into our system using Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) Coding. This enables everyone involved in the service supply chain to understand what happened during the repair.
  • We perform both operational audits and price compliance audits on every invoice, ensuring you received the services you needed, without being overcharged. If charges exceed normal ranges, we'll request a corrected invoice from the service provider - taking the stress out of your hands.
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction Data

FleetNet America® captures detailed repair information on each breakdown or repair to help you reduce maintenance events. Using Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard (VMRS) codes to record each event, we provide useful data to help your maintenance team easily identify issues that need to be addressed with your fleet and make even better maintenance decisions.

By providing unique insights to make your maintenance operation more productive, we help you gain better control of your fleet. Measuring your miles between breakdowns and miles between repairs allows you to compare your company year over year against regions or locations to see if improvements are needed in specific areas such as equipment, processes or procedures.

Cost Reduction

How Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard (VMRS) Coding Works

Any maintenance or repair work can be analyzed with the help of VMRS coding, which allows you to evaluate costs and identify preventive measures per vehicle operating system. FleetNet has 11 primary cost buckets to categorize prices relative to components through VMRS codes. We code every invoice with the proper system and sub-assembly code along with the proper reason for repair and work accomplished codes. Each maintenance invoice can be translated into your system based on the codes you require per your equipment. This allows FleetNet to provide a detailed cost analysis that shows exactly where maintenance expenses are going.

Cost Reduction

Let Us Help with Your Roadside Emergency

Contact us today for more information on Roadside Assistance services available through FleetNet America. We'll get your fleet up and running faster.


Welcome and thank you for being a current roadside customer!

This page will help provide additional details on the Western Star Roadside Assistance program and the transition process.

DTNA's previous roadside assistance program offered three different programs depending on the fleet’s size. Moving forward, Western Star's program will have one comprehensive program giving everyone the same features and benefits.

  • If you are a previous Excelerator Custom customer, you will see some new benefits such as service provider management and VMRS coding for all breakdown events.
  • If you are a previous Excelerator Preferred customer, you will have the same great benefits under the Western Star Roadside Assistance program. Under the new program, FleetNet will handle paying service providers and providing you an itemized invoice of all services with NO additional markup. Currently, FleetNet does not take credit cards for event fees.
  • If you are a previous Excelerator Fleetpack/Pinnacle customer, you will have the same great benefits and more under the Western Star Roadside Assistance program. FleetNet works with our dealers on a regular basis and has a process to ensure the billing flows through Pinnacle.
    • o Please Note: Many events are handled directly on the side of the road using third party service providers and may not be able to bill through the Pinnacle process.
  • If you are a previous Excelerator On-Call customer, you will have the same great benefits and more under the Western Star Roadside Assistance program. Currently, FleetNet does not provide a “Pay as you go” roadside program, but will look at your specific needs as it pertains to the Freightliner/Western Star roadside program.

Remember, no matter what Excelerator program you were on previously, you will get all the features and benefits from the new Freightliner/Western Star program.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

How do I get Started?

How do I get Started?

Whether you are a current customer or a dealer advocate for a customer, please click the “Sign Up” button located at the top of the page. You will be prompted to fill out a leads request, which helps us get you to the right account executive.

Remember to select the "Preferred Contact" box to help us reach out to the right person for your specific needs!

What to expect next?

After the lead information is submitted, a FleetNet account executive will reach out to the preferred contact to set up a follow up meeting. The goal of the follow up meeting is to gather customer specific information to help kick off a needs assessment.

Final Steps!

Once the necessary information is completed, the final step is the on-boarding process. This is where the FleetNet account executive will work to get you on-boarded and train individuals on how to create, update, and manage your events.

Features and Benefits:

  • Roadside partnership with the leading truck manufacturer
  • The best uptime across the nation
  • Configurable program based on the customer's specific profile
  • Vendor management and cost control
  • Ticket creation using Phone, In-Cab Communications, and Online Dispatch Request
  • Event communication by Email, Text, Phone call, and Online via the Activity Center
  • Integration points for your in-house business systems
  • Events are VMRS coded and provides customers the data they need

Frequently Asked Questions

A. In this era of data analytics and uptime, DTNA wanted to partner with a provider that helps the customer look to the future to reduce the number of roadside events. With an innovative data analysis process, growing support network, easy to use event tools, and the ability to integrate various systems, DTNA saw an opportunity for growth and a long-term partnership.

A. We may not have a complete customer profile depending on which Excelerator program was used. The customer profile is the key to a successful roadside event and we want to ensure every event is handled the way you need it to be! In addition, assets are added/removed regularly and we would like to gather the most recent asset information.

A. DTNA will be involved in the roadside program to add future benefits and system integration to support the Freightliner/Western Star roadside programs. We feel DTNA can bring additional benefits through telematics, warranty information, and other systems to help the overall event. We will continue to help guide the program to make it the best in the industry!

A. Generally, it will take about two weeks from start to finish. This includes asset upload, customer profile creation, and customer on-boarding.

A. None. The event fee structure will be given to you by the account executive handling your account.

A. Your specific event fee structure is based on a few factors such as size of fleet, estimated number of events, and overall work needed to handle your account.

A. One of the successes of FleetNet is their commitment to uptime. FleetNet acts like a bank for this program, which allows them to pay all vendors and provide the customer a final consolidated invoice with NO mark ups. This allows the event to be completed as quickly as possible with no slowdowns waiting on POs, correcting payment issues, or driver related issues.

A. Yes, of course. At time of customer profile creation, the FleetNet account executive will work with you on determining your specific needs and will add this information to your profile.

A. Dealer fleet advocates provide a wealth of information and know your business processes very well. Whether helping to get you set up on a program or helping to determine your specific service needs, we always welcome their help.

A. At this time, FleetNet does not take payments by credit cards for this program.

A. FleetNet has over 75,000 vendors in their vendor database. Roughly, 18,000 providers are paid annually. Service Providers are ranked to provide future guidance regarding who to use.

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